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Move Out Instructions

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure a smooth transition during you move:
When you move out, it is essential that you completely vacate the property and turn the keys in to our office by 12:00 p.m. (noon) on the day you have stated in your move out notice in order to avoid any scheduling problems or additional rent charges. To assist us in promptly receiving refunds (if any) due to you, we ask that you review the security deposit section of the Residential Lease Agreement. This will clarify the refund procedure and explain any additional charges you may incur. 

Checklist for Cleaning

  • Remove all trash and personal items from the home and yard.

  • Clean all appliances thoroughly, including microwave, range hood, inside of refrigerator, etc.

  • Clean sinks, cabinets, and drawers.

  • Clean any carpeting. If professional cleaning is required, Total Resource Managements Inc will make those arrangements after move-out and charge the cost against your security deposit, per the lease agreement.

  • Wash non-carpeted floors. Remove stains and marks.

  • Wipe down walls; pay special attention to areas around light switches, hallways, doors, and baseboards.

  • Clean all windows, secure all screens, and remove cobwebs inside and out.

  • Make needed repairs to screens and screen doors.

  • Clean and disinfect the bathrooms thoroughly.

  • Repair, or have repaired, any damages that you or your pets may have caused.

  • Schedule all utilities to be disconnected on the last day of your lease agreement.

  • If you are responsible for the lawn care:  Mow, trim, and remove debris from yard.

  • Plan to have excess trash picked up before you leave.

  • Do not place trash and garbage in the recyclable cans, a fine will be incurred.

What to Clean

Empty apartment


  • Clean Vents

  • Vacuum Cobwebs

  • Dust Above Doors

  • Scrub Walls

  • Baseboards


  • Clean Vents

  • Vacuum All Carpets

  • Sweep Non-Carpeted Areas

  • Mop/Scrub Vinyl

  • Clean under Refrigerator


  • Clean all knobs

  • Dust

  • Clean Inside Door Jam


  • Sink/Tub/Shower

  • Toilet

  • Walls/Windows

  • Floors


  • Sills

  • Blinds

  • Glass on Windows

  • Vacuum Tracking

Remember, it will always be less expensive if you take care of your own damages.

Please do everything necessary to return the property in good, clean condition. We hope you have enjoyed your stay and wish you all the best in the future. 


  • Refrigerator

  • Stove Top, Drip Pans, & Oven

  • Stove Hood

  • Cabinets – In/Out

  • Countertops/Sink


  • Grass Mowed

  • Leaves Raked & Bagged

  • Garden/Beds Weeded

  • Concrete Degreased

  • Lights Working

  • Trash Hauled Off (do not leave any debris)


  • Clean All Light Fixtures

  • Sweep Porches

  • Sweep Garage

  • Clean Sliding Glass Door

  • Sweep Laundry Area

  • Smoke Detectors & Batteries

  • Dust AC unit

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